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Environmental Policy

Basic Principles

Nippon Denkai, LTD. considers establishing a recycling-based society as one of its top management priorities. We promote efficiency in the use of resources as well as a shift in transition toward eco-friendly energy through our global business activities.


In order to realize a sustainable, recycling-based society in harmony with the environment, we comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations, and promote environmentally friendly business activities aiming to reduce environmental impacts throughout its product life cycles - from procurement of raw materials to production, distribution and proper waste disposal.

  1. We will contribute to establishing a sustainable, recycling-based society by setting environmental objectives and targets based on an Environmental Management System, ISO14001.
  2. In order to realize a low-carbon society, we will contribute to promoting the use of sustainable energy in the whole society through customers’ products manufactured by our technology and products.
  3. In order to promote business activities that take into consideration resource conservation, cyclical use of resources, and conservation of ecosystems, we properly assess and monitor the environmental impacts by our business activities.
  4. We will promote efficient use of energy through our business activities and optimize sustainable energy transitions to prevent global warming.
  5. We will promote to reduce environmental impacts through our activities, such as reduction, prevention of generating and recycling of industrial waste.
  6. We will understand relevant environmental laws and regulations, and other requirements from our stakeholders. Thus, we comply with the regulations and requirements.
  7. We will make efforts to prevent environmental pollution by complying with three basic principles regarding restricted substances, not have, nor use and not to emit these substances.
  8. We will ensure that our environmental policy is conveyed to all of our employees in writing, and we will increase individual awareness for environmental protection activities through necessary education.
  9. We will make this policy public within the company and outside the company.