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Environment & Safety

ISO 14001
ISO 14001
E1703 / 1999

With our slogan "protect the beautiful earth with our individual behavior", we promote Green Procurement and implement environment management system based on ISO 12001 in order to nurture the global environment that is rich in nature and pass it down to the next generation.

Also, we provide copper foil without Hexavalent chromium and harmful metal such as arsenic based on the environment policy of "avoid using harmful metal as much as possible" from the material to product.

Environment Safety and Sanitation Policy

Basic Principle

We are to behave in a manner to consider the safety and health of all people who are involved in our company's business in all aspects of business activities and environment safety.

Implementation Items

Given that a large amount of electricity and chemical substances are consumed in the manufacturing process of electrodeposited copper foil for electronic industry, we recognize the environmental aspect involving the activities, product and service of our company, the characteristics and scale of the risk related to the labor safety and sanitation, we will continue to make improvement by implement and operate the environmental safety and sanitation management system appropriately.

  1. We will always recognize the impact to the environment and put effort in continuous improvement of the environment and prevention of environmental pollution.
    We will identify and evaluate the risk and put effort in reducing the risk.
  2. We will comply to regulations, agreements, and other requirements (that our company agreed). If necessary, we will manage it based on our company standard.
  3. The following items are priority items of implementation.
    (1) We will promote the improvement of resource efficiency of copper material by providing high functioning foil with high added value.
    (2) We will reduce the electricity consumption and prevent the global warming.
    (3) We will improve the transportation efficiency and promote the preservation of resources.
    (4) We will reduce the generation amount of surface treatment waste fluid and waste in order to utilize the resources such as acid and alkaline efficiently.
    (5) We will reduce the risks from dangerous operation and hazardous material in order to establish safety management.
    ①We will promote substantial safety of machines and facilities in order to reduce the risks of interpose, entanglement, blades, and heavy items.
    ②We will clarify the danger, range of influence, and management and promote disaster prevention in order to prevent accidents and disasters from dangerous objects and hazardous material.
    ③We will improve the workplace to be comfortable and promote health management.
    ④We will promote labor safety and sanitation activity on a daily basis by reviewing dangerous incidents, accidents prevention training, 10 safety rules, following the procedure, and patrolling the workplace.
    ⑤We will implement thorough traffic safety education and promote the prevention of traffic accident in order to enhance the awareness of traffic safety.
  4. We will set a goal and objective for environment and this safety and sanitation, and it is promoted to all members of all departments.
    The goals and objectives for environment and safety and sanitation will be reviewed and revised periodically.
  5. Environment safety and sanitation policy is made public to all members involved in the business of our company.
    It is made public to our partners and interested parties as well as understanding and cooperation are requested. Also, it is open to public upon request.

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