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Quality Management

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
Q3747 / 1997

With detailed centralized production management system, we produce high quality electrodeposited copper foil. Also, we implement analysis device and various specialized testing equipment such as SEM (scanning electron microscope), WDX (wavelength dispersive type X-ray diffractometer), to ensure the quality of our product with complete management system.

品質保証Quality ManagementQuality ManagementQuality Management

Quality Policy


Nippon Denkai, Ltd. constructed and materialized the quality management system based on the specification requirement of ISO9001 of 2008. With the quality policy of "providing the quality trusted by our customers responsibly" based on the contribution to the information society, we promote the following activities for corresponding to our customers involved in electronics related industry in order to accomplish the policy.

  1. We will review the quality management system periodically and continue to improve the effectiveness in order for our products and service to satisfy the specification requirement of ISO 9001 of 2008.
  2. We will promote the activities by quality management system in order for our products and service to satisfy the customer requirements and social requirement as well as to earn customer satisfaction.
  3. We will set a yearly policy and quality goal for each term in order to achieve the quality policy. The policy and goal is reviewed as necessary.
  4. Yearly policy and quality goal for each term is expressed separately.
  5. We will have internal inspection and put effort in suitability, maintenance, and improvement of quality management system.
  6. We will provide education and training to communicate and diffuse the quality policy in order to promote the quality management system.

This quality policy is open to public inside and outside the company.

Nippon Denkai, Ltd. Representative Director