Nippon Denkai, Ltd.

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Our History

Mar.2020Acquisition of Oak-Mitsui Inc. (a copper foil manufacturer in SC, US).
The company name was changed to Denkai America Inc.
Oct.2019Nippon Denkai Holdings Ltd.merged Nippon Denkai, Ltd. At the same time the trade name of surviving company was change to Nippon Denkai, Ltd.
Jun.2018Electrodeposited copper foil exclusive for batteries operation started.
Feb.2017Reduced capital to 100 million yen.
Sep.2016Shareholder changed to MSD Investments Ltd.
2014Started sales of Non carrier high tensile strength copper foil.
2012Electrodeposited copper foil for Li-Ion secondary battery is adopted by EV manufactures.
Mar.2004Reduced capital to 480 million yen
Dec.2002Fujieda plant and Tokyo office were closed and all function were moved to Shimodate plant.
Stared sales of Electrodeposited copper foil for super fine FPC.
Jan.2002Headquarters was moved to Shimodate-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture.
1999Started sales of Electrodeposited copper foil for EMS of PDP.
1996Started sales of Electrodeposited copper foil for Li-Ion secondary battery
Apr.1993Shimodate plant and Shimodate 2nd plant were integrated.
Sep.1991Increased capital to 1,200 million yen
1989Electrodeposited copper foil for IC package sales started.
Apr.1985Increased capital to 800 million yen
Oct.1984Shimodate 2nd plant operation started.
Mar.1984Shimodate 2nd plant construction started in Shimodate-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture.
Jan.1983Fujieda plant operation started.
Apr.1982New plant construction started in Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Nov.1980Increased capital to 400 million yen
Mar.1973Increased capital to 200 million yen
Jun.1970Increased capital to 150 million yen
May.1965Headquarters was moved to Tokyo
Sep.1964Received a loan for funds of updating equipment from Development Bank of Japan based on "the industrialization of new technology".
Apr.1963Shareholder changed from Hitachi, Ltd., to Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Aug.1962Increased capital to 100 million yen
Jul.1961New plant construction started in Shimodate-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture.
Electrodeposited copper foil manufacturing equipment by batch process completion
Dec.1958Started Industrialization trial research of "Trail for electrodeposited copper foil for printed circuit in serial process".
Oct.1958Nippon Denkai, Ltd. was founded in Kyoto with capital of 15 million yen, by three corporations which were Hitachi, Ltd., Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd., and Kosoku Denki Chuzo Co., Ltd.